Could it be that we might actually see a film with the National Lampoon name on it that doesn't have to do with pledging a fraternity and/or sleeping with every girl on campus? No offense to Van Wilder and Paris Hilton, but now that National Lampoon is on their own (buying, releasing and producing films in-house), I'd love it if the quality was taken up a notch. Variety tells us that NL has popped its cherry and officially purchased their first film, Electric Apricot, with intentions to release it later this year under the name National Lampoon Presents Electric Apricot -- Quest for Festeroo. And, after reading the plot description, I'm all kinds of stoked.

Pic, which marks the directorial debut of singer/bassist Les Claypool (Primus), is a comedy set in the world of jam bands, and is said to be in the vein of This is Spinal Tap. For anyone that's ever attended a Grateful Dead or Phish concert (and still remembers the experience), then this film is for you. Running down the cast list, there aren't many recognizable names. Seth Green and Matt Stone (South Park co-creator) apparently play tapers (these guys show up to tape each live performance, and most of them can recall set lists going back 10 years). I assume the film will be told in a mockumentary sort of style, while we follow the band around on tour. Having attended some of these shows myself, I know for a fact that there's a ton of room for comedy ... in the parking lot alone.

Aside from Apricot, National Lampoon is also planning to release its first inhouse feature production, National Lampoon's Bagboy, later this year. That film chronicles the trials and tribulations of a teenager who enters the world of competitive grocery store bagging, and stars Brooke Shields, Dennis Farina and Larry Miller.

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