The good news for Jessica Rose is that sitting in front of a camera pretending to be a bored 15 year-old girl can not only make you a celebrity, but also help you land movie roles. The bad news, however, for this aspiring actress, is that she will forever be known as Jessica "LonelyGirl15" Rose. And even if she manages to win an Academy Award one day, the voice-over following her up the aisle will most definitely begin this way: "Jessica Rose's first claim to fame was as the internet celebrity LonelyGirl15 ... " But you know what, my fat ass will still be on the couch, blogging the entire ceremony in my underwear. And so it goes. For those of you are who are fans of Rose (and/or LonelyGirl15), you'll be happy to know that she's about to star in a new film called Perfect Sport; basically, it's like every other uplifting college sports movie, except this one is about wrestling.

JoBlo managed to get hold of a plot synopsis-type thing (because you know those boys secretly obsess over LonelyGirl15 when they're not stalking Salma Hayek -- wink, wink), and, according to them, the film will revolve around an "aspiring athlete (Anthony O'Brien) who after establishing himself at school as a promising collegiate wrestler, finds himself being overshadowed by his younger sister (Rose) after she joins the team." Well duh, your sister is LonelyGirl15! And she's wrestling ... guys? Is that legal? Anyway, at some point the poor boy meets an Olympic wrestler (Gary Hudson) dying from cancer, and then they mention something about a "dark secret." Like Jessica Rose's career path, this one seems a little fuzzy, unpredictable and not all that interesting. Apparently, it's scheduled to hit theaters this fall -- just in time for Oscar season. Could it be ...? Nah.

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