Sure, I'm a fan of the Harry Potter movies. I go on opening night, but that's due not as much to the fangirl bit of me as my insidious curiosity, since I'm not reading the books until they are all out. Yesterday, I was really tired, and while trying to stay awake, I decided to watch the international trailer for Harry Potter and the Order of the Phoenix that Erik recently alerted us to. The flipping thing amped me up and somehow ripped some energy from the far recesses of my blood stream and got me through the day. I can't remember the last time I saw a trailer that good. And then comes today, with the release of the domestic trailer.

Sweet crap, I like it even more than the last one. Trailer makers of the world should take a cue from the people who put this together. Sure, I was excited by the Spider-Man 3 trailers, but man, all I can think to say right now is Spider WHO? What's even better about this Potter trailer is that it has a lot more bits, has removed one of the shockers from the international one (for those who aren't reading the series), and added more action and some Potter-Chang* tenderness. Not only that, but you can see a change in Ron, who is definitely maturing, even though some of his key moments were cut. This offering is all about the rebellion, we get to see the young wizards training to be heroes and it's got all those juicy images that Ryan posted last night (could Bellatrix Lestrange, aka Helena Bonham Carter, look any cooler?). And hey, if you're not sure, go check it out for yourself. I've made it no secret that my biggest draw before this was the thought of more Sirius Black, but I'm amped even though he had only an itty bitty blip in the deluge of kickassery.

*Edited to right name, thanks to Potter fans below!