Can't we get some more great, hugely-anticipated action films to come out in the winter? I'm sure it would do a lot for people's winter blues. Just in case a whole heart-pumping trailer, or some recently-released scenes weren't enough, Disney has now released a Pirates of the Caribbean: At World's End featurette, as the film gears up for its big reveal in one month and one day. Actually, more accurately, this little fan nibbly is about Jack Sparrow. Where the trailer covers all the action bits and tries to increase suspense, this small goody focuses on the crazy pirate and suitably, the comedy that surrounds him.

Like the previous clips, the shots of the film are interspersed with filmmaker comments. But really, does anyone care about the PR speak? I'd much rather just get the clips, unless they want to share some sort of shocking or revealing information. Or, maybe you consider "amped up" Sparrow or getting "more and more" of the character in this one is something revealing. But at least we've got a few more clips to feast on, and some commentary by Johnny Depp, which is kind of like seeing Captain Jack in drag, since Depp is speaking with that Sparrow drawl. (It just crossed my mind ... how weird would it be if Depp had decided to get a mature name to be taken seriously, and changed his to "John Depp"? It just doesn't have the same ring.) So, if you're itching, crazy and salivating for this film and want to feast on anything, you'll probably appreciate the clip and if you don't, there's not too much newness to sink your teeth into -- unless just what you're looking for is the goofy comedy.