Okay, for those of you just tuning in, here's the recap: On Saturday, we hesitantly wrote up an item from RushPR saying that Jessica Simpson was in advanced talks to star in the low-budget horror film The Kentucky Fried Horror Show. The source seemed iffy, but we weren't the only site to post the item and we posted it with the appropriate caveats. Cut to yesterday, when, on the same day we learned that the Joker photo whirling around the Web was a total fake and the 'grey Hulk' story was an equally bogus one that we had jumped on, we also heard from Jessica Simpson's publicist that the Kentucky Fried story was absolutely false. With all these stories going belly-up at once, I decided to write up a general screed about phony-rumor stories, which you can read here. Okay, now you're all caught up.

This morning, I was contacted by C.L. Gregory, the director of The Kentucky Fried Horror Show, who seemed quite surprised to hear about Jessica's alleged non-participation and is flatly contradicting the publicist's assertion of no talks. To set the record straight, he's also willing to go on record to give details on the talks his production has apparently had with Simpson. There's no sense in paraphrasing the man -- 'll let you hear it straight from the horse's mouth. Here is what Gregory had to say to me about this whole thing:

"So here is EXACTLY where we are at with this. We have had serious contract negotiations with Jessica's people from day one. They were VERY interested in a horror project for Jessica based on my phone discussions with her people when we approached them over a month ago. Script(s) were sent, revisions were made and then at THEIR request they wished to move forward on the project with us making an offer. I've been in development talks with a large Studio to work out the final details for production for this film so its taking us a great deal of time for development. As we told Jessica's people before, we're not shooting until late summer early fall so we have plenty of time. We made an offer last Friday, a very SIGNIFICANT offer for her role in this film and for her publicist to make a comment like that is simply rude and unprofessional ..."
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