Considering how easy it is to whip together a sequel or remake, and how tantalizingly delicious they seem to be to many filmmakers, you've got to give props to those who decide to make a sequel to an old movie without re-doing the first film. Last year, we spread word of Un-Dead, a sequel to Dracula, the Bela Lugosi classic. Written by Dracula scholar Ian Holt, it is a screenplay that, shockingly, the Bram Stoker kin approve of (they haven't given approval since the 1931 flick). The film picks up 25 years after the end of the first, collecting all the surviving characters together, along with Inspector Cotford, who was cut from the novel before its publication.

Now Blackfilm has a source that brings a lot of names to this intriguing sequel. Ernest Dickerson, one of the directors of the ever-juicy Demon Knight, has reportedly signed on to helm it, and there are a few big names currently negotiating for the film's roles -- Javier Bardem as Dracula, Monica Bellucci as Lucy and in some incredibly cool casting, John Hurt as Professor Van Helsing. They could cast Rob Schneider and Jessica Simpson next, and I'd still watch it to see Hurt in that role. Interestingly, there's no word on who will be playing Jonathan and Mina Harker, although they're said to be part of the film. Of course, the feature will take place in England and Transylvania, as Holt has scouted out both locales, including Dracula's crumbling castle. As this film gears up, is there anyone you want to see in the remaining roles, or casting changes you'd make?
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