Welcome back to Eat My Shorts, where Cinematical regularly highlights short films that you can watch from the comfort of your nice warm computer. I'm going to try to fill Erik Davis's shoes, or rather -- well, if I said "shorts" there, I'd probably get reprimanded for harassment. At any rate, Erik's a tough act to follow. Since I'm just starting, of course I am looking for shorts to feature -- if you've made a short film yourself, or seen one online that you've enjoyed, please email shorts AT cinematical DOT com with a link. The entire short must be available for public viewing online. I love watching short films so writing this column is going to be a real treat for me.

On my first week, I thought I'd start with some shorts that I've seen at film festivals recently and have found online. The shorts all have been featured at Texas film festivals (what can I say, I rarely get to leave the Lone Star State), where most of them won awards ... or should have. Short films usually don't play many theaters, and few end up on DVD, so normally when I see something good at a film festival, it's frustrating because other people don't usually have the opportunity to see the film I'm gushing over. Fortunately, the miracles of the Internet mean that I can share some of these festival favorites with you.