More casting news for The Dark Knight, Christopher Nolan's new foray into the Batman mythos. Just a few days ago Jessica Barnes mentioned here on Cinematicalthat William Fichtner had joined the cast, and now, according to the LA Daily News, comes word that Eric Roberts will be playing a mafia kingpin. Not much else is mentioned about the role, but Cinematical's own Erik Davis posted last month that the character Sal Maroni will figure prominently in the new film, so it's probably not a huge stretch to assume this may be the character Roberts will play. In the comics, Maroni was the crime boss who threw acid in the face of District Attorney Harvey Dent (being played by Aaron Eckhart this time around), scarring him badly and driving him to become the villain Two-Face.

This isn't actually Roberts' first role with fanboy geek appeal. In 1996 he appeared in the U.S. made-for-TV movie Doctor Who, based on the long running British TV series, in which he played The Doctor's longtime nemesis The Master. And, of course, he currently plays the villainous Thompson on NBC's Heroes, so butting heads with super heroes should be second nature to him. His more mainstream roles of late have included the series The L Word, and Pandemic, a Hallmark Channel presentation in which he stars with Faye Dunaway and, surprisingly, does not play a bad guy.

One thing Roberts does make clear is that he likes to work. "I don't stop working. I'm a workaholic. I've resigned myself to the fact that I'm too overexposed to ever be a superstar, so I'm happy to be a working actor every day," he says in the LA Daily News piece. He also jokes about losing out on the Academy Award in 1985 when he was nominated for Runaway Train. "Once they gave my Oscar to the wrong person, I called my agent and said, 'From now on if there's one good thing about a project, I'll do it.' If the character is good, I'll do it. If the director is good, I'll do it. If the location is good, I'll do it."
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