You know how Michael Keaton was apparently hanging around the set of The Dark Knightthis week? Well, yesterday the old post office building being used as Gotham National Bank caught on fire and was evacuated. Coincidence? Of course it is. As much as the former Batman has reason to be jealous of the new franchise, there is no reason to suspect the actor, even if his movie choices these days could suggest that he's either crazy or desperate. But regardless, the coincidence is rather funny.

According to TMZ, which has a nice picture and video footage of the smoking building, the fire started in an airway duct, causing the roof to appear on fire. Supposedly witnesses thought that it was part of the shoot -- never a good thing with real fires -- but fortunately a sprinkler system was activated and fire trucks did respond to the scene. There were reportedly no actors near the set at the time and the fire was not related to the production in any way. Photos of the Gotham National Bank set, which seems to be the first location being used for the Batman Beginssequel, were first circulated last week. As always, we'll continue to keep you up to date on any other Dark Knight news as it comes about -- especially if the studio decides to release a real picture of The Joker. Also, this week and next Cinematical will be on the scene at Tribeca, where at least two rumored cast members of the film have a full slate of appearances, so maybe we'll be able to bring you a scoop or two -- wish us luck!
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