When last we checked in with Lucy Liu's vampire flick Rise: Blood Hunter, Monika told us about a juicy scene from the film supposedly "leaked" to an eager audience of rabid fanboys looking for some blood, gore and hot lesbian vampire action. Sadly, almost as soon as the clip was on YouTube's servers, it was taken down -- I'm sure to preserve the dignity of all involved. At that time we also learned the film had been languishing "on the shelf" for awhile (as they say in the biz) but had finally been given a release date.

Fortunately, especially for fans of the aforementioned hot lesbian vampire action who didn't get a chance to see the clip on YouTube, the release date seems solid and to prove it, distributor Samuel Goldwyn Films has dropped the first one sheet poster for the film for your consideration. I'm a big fan of Lucy Liu and would pay good money to watch her kick some vampire ass, or really, do almost anything. Plus, I'm also a horror fan who usually likes these kinds of movies. So, following that logic, this movie should be right up my metaphoric ally. Oddly enough though, looking at the poster I had the opposite reaction. I was rather amused instead of interested. Why? The tag lines.

I don't know about you, but when I see tag lines on a poster that say things like: "From the Producer of the Grudge franchise and the writer of Gothika" I tend to worry a little. It just seems like quite a stretch and a bit like desperation time on the part of the distributor. Or maybe I'm just too sensitive. The poster looks just fine and pretty much follows the standard horror conventions for films of this genre. Plus Lucy Liu looks great (as expected) and the film also features the excellent Michale Chiklis of TVs The Shield and my soon-to-be-wife, the super-sexy Carla Gugino too. Put that all together and you really might have something. To find out exactly what that "something" is, check out the flick when it hits theaters June 1st. Or go to Tribeca.