Moving up in the ranks from a grip on Reservoir Dogs to producing big films like In the Bedroom, Lost in Translation and Marie Antoinette, Ross Katz is now making his next cinematic move. If he's even half as successful as he is at producing (he's grabbed Oscar noms for both Bedroom and Translation), this latest foray should be successful. He is gearing up to make his directorial debut in the upcoming Taking Chance for HBO Films. Not only that, but he's got everybody's favorite Bacon, Kevin, signed onto the cast.

The film is based on the true story of U.S. Marine Lieutenant Colonel Michael Strobel, and was written by Katz and Strobel. It follows Strobel's "poignant journey as the volunteer military escort officer who is assigned to accompany the body of 19-year-old Lance Corporal Chance Phelps (USMC), who was killed in action in Iraq, across America back to his hometown of Dubois, Wyoming in spring 2004." Now begins the assumptions, since that's all I have. I assume that this Phelps is not part of the infamous family, but his story is free from the Internet. And although indieWire doesn't have his role cast, I imagine that Bacon will play Phelps. If anyone is familiar with the story, please speak up! Inquiring minds want to know.
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