Since it did not stand up to some of the buzz surrounding the other superhero flick this summer, the sequel to Fantastic Four has had a relatively low profile. There have already been a few sets of posters so far, and now is hosting 10 new international posters for Fantastic Four 2: Rise of The Silver Surfer. The one-sheets have been pretty consistent, and these latest posters are no different. Giving us a look at all 4 heroes decked out in their "spandexed" best. We also get another look at the Surfer himself, and now since we know what he is going to sound like too, a pretty clear picture is starting to emerge for fans.

Director Tim Story has already promised fans a definite improvement from the last film -- namely more action. Opinions have varied so far on whether a sequel can deliver, although considering the reaction the trailer received back in December, expectations seem pretty low to begin with. It's not like this latest round of posters is going to convince anyone to see the film who wasn't planning on it already. Although I'm sure a 30-foot Jessica Alba in a skin-tight cat suit will draw at least a few glances. Considering no one was all that excited about this sequel in the first place, any talk of a third film is going to have to wait until opening weekend.
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