The words "China" and "piracy" seem to always go hand-in-hand these days, no matter what efforts are made to stop those sneaky buggers from releasing super-cheap pirated copies of high-profile movies. Just the other day, a student from South China won a short film contest entitled "Respect Copyrights, Stay Away From Piracy" with his one-minute short depicting students describing what the word "steal" means. Even though the 20-year-old will head to Hollywood to visit the MPA, Christopher Campbell's comment last month about $1 Spider-Man 3 DVDs seems to have come true...or so we thought?

After reports that copies of Spider-Man 3 had been sold on the streets of China for $1, Sony says that their investigation has found that it was actually the second installment sold in the third installment's boxes. Hmm. Are they fooling with the people anxious to see the third film, or did they totally pull the wool over Sony's eyes? Whatever the case, the MPA and companies are ticked and considering taking action. CEO Dan Glickman says that studios are backing the complaint made to the World Trade Organization and could choose to boycott the country. The complaints accuse Beijing of violating trade commitments and failing to stop piracy of U.S. media. (The possibility of blocking China from films is also inspired by the country's recent lock-down on U.S. influence.) Sure, blocking China would make it harder for pirates to nab illegal copies, but to me, it seems akin to the flawed thinking that releasing a film earlier in China will curb the problem. If this mess was handed over to you to solve, what would you do?
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