While Erik Davis might not have gotten his wish to have the Smith family of Will, Jada and super-cutey Jaden slip in to co-star in Walt Becker's next upcoming Disney flick Old Dogs, John Travolta got his wish to have wife Kelly Preston and daughter Ella at his side. (Dogs would be Ella's first feature and jump into her parent's business.) This is not entirely surprising, as there's no real reason not to have the family Travolta all present and accounted for in this buddy comedy. It's also not surprising that Robin Williams has finished his negotiations to co-star with the disco giant-turned-Scientologist.

Along with the main players, we also have word on the plot. According to Variety, the story written by David Diamond and David Weisman is about two business partners and best friends (I presume Travolta and Williams) whose lives are flipped "upside down when they find themselves in the care of 7-year-old twins." I'm finding the wording incredibly interesting, which is why I quoted it. "In the care of" they say... What does this mean? Does something incapacitate the Old Dogs, leaving them in the care of 7-year-old twins? And whose twins are they? Definitely not Travolta's, unless his kid is playing dual roles. Oh, the intrigue that Disney creates! Sure, it sounds goofy, but it's not like Wild Hogs wasn't, so I imagine this flick will continue to rake in the cash and provide light entertainment for the fluff fanatics.
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