In the five years since we've had to Die Another Day, Bond girl Rosamund Pike has been slipping a varied collection of roles under her belt. On the heels of 007, she had the Israeli drama, Promised Land, before going through a lot of more mainstream fare. There's Johnny Depp's period drama Libertine, Jane Austen's Pride & Prejudice and before she could be pigeon-holed into period pieces, she co-starred as Samantha Grimm in Doom. After a lesser-known stint co-starring with Lena Olin in Devil You Know, she's currently slipping on-screen with Ryan Gosling and Anthony Hopkins in Fracture. After that, she's got a few other films on the way, including the one I'm increasingly anxious to see -- Jackboots on Whitehall.

As part of her press tour for Fracture, she talked to Gaurdian Unlimited for their weekly film podcast. A lot of the chat featured talk of Hopkins, who Pike describes as "this kind of Renaissance man" who always seems to be "having so much fun." And if you can get past her soft, drawling, female British voice, you can hear her imitate the actor talking about his current interests. It's cute. Now, as for Gaslight, she doesn't have too much to say about the film version. In January of 2006, Martha Fischer alerted us to the possible remake, and Pike heard as much as we did -- that Joe Wright was looking to make it after Pride & Prejudice. However, she's heard nothing specific about it, and is actually gearing up for a stage version of the classic, taking on Ingrid Bergman's role. Let me go out on a limb and say that if there is any chance for the remake to happen, it will be soon. Pike is making a name for herself, and if Fracture does well, and she impresses people with her on-stage work as Paula Alquist Anton, she will be starring in a movie version in no time.
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