Because you know sh*t always hits the fan on Columbus Day. Unfortunately, it's not a sequel to Eli Roth's Thanksgiving trailer from Grindhouse(although some dude dressed as Christopher Columbus hacking his way through the annual Columbus Day parade would have been an interesting route to take). Nope, this one is a straight-up crime thriller, and the Hollywood Reporter tells us Val Kilmer, Wilmer Valderrama and Marg Helgenberger have just joined the pic, which will be produced by Kevin Spacey's Trigger Street Prods. (HR's fun fact of the day tells us that Kilmer and Spacey went to Chatsworth High School together in Los Angeles. Hmm, I wonder who was cooler?)

Instead of the usual "guy takes on one last heist job before retiring," Columbus Day looks to go in a different direction; this one is set the morning after a thief (Kilmer) has pulled off the biggest job in his life, but now, he needs to fix the things that went wrong ... or else. At the same time -- and in order to show us these criminals are still humans with real feelings -- said thief attempts to repair the relationship he has with his ex-wife (Helgenberger). The dude from That '70s Show will play Kilmer's associate -- ya know, the guy who helps plan the heist even though he isn't sure they can pull it off. Though the Hollywood Reporter fails to clearly point this out, Charles Burmeister (The King of Sixth Street) will direct off his own script. Pic will be shot on location in Los Angeles, and I assume will hit theaters sometime next year. No word yet on whether Spacey will also make an appearance, but chances are he'll slide in there somewhere. (Hey, maybe he can play a guy who went to high school with the thief -- ya know, they can grab a cup of coffee, look through some old yearbooks and think back to what once was ... )

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