The lovable, chunky green giant is falling under fire for his work with the Department of Health and Human Services' Anti-Obesity Ads. Launched in February, these ads feature Shrek and his friends urging kids to exercise at least an hour a day. According to HHS spokesman Bill Hall: "Shrek is a very well known character in the target population of this campaign. We have always promoted a balanced, healthy diet, which does not necessarily exclude the occasional treat."

If by "occasional" he means often, sure! The thing is, Shrek the Third has promotional deals with tons of food, and they don't include big, leafy greans and a fresh glass of OJ. The deal is full of food products like: Snickers, Frosted Flakes, Cheez-Its, Sierra Mist and M&M's. On top of that, there's a promotional tie-in with McDonald's. So, unless these commercials urge kids to only eat these products once in a blue moon, it's definitely a mixed message. Susan Linn, of the Campaign for a Commercial-Free Childhood asks: "Why would children follow Shrek's advice about healthy living and ignore his entreaties to eat Happy Meals and Pop-Tarts?" It seems tantamount to Michael Jackson doing commercials about loving your body just the way it is. For the meantime, the HHS has no plans to stop the ads, which will be interesting as Shrek gears up for his May 18 release.
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