When I was growing up, Disney started to release non-family films under other labels, such as Touchstone. However, you could always tell that the movie was a Disney production by the distribution label that appeared before the film: Buena Vista. Even a self-centered pre-teen like myself could figure that out. Buena Vista is also the name for Disney's home entertainment division. However, Disney has decided that the time has come to let go of Buena Vista, and the label for distribution and home entertainment will soon be replaced.

As you know, Disney is now part of the media conglomeration that includes TV network ABC, and the corporation would prefer to use existing and familiar brand names, rather than diluting its image with a lot of labels that they feel are less well-known. After all, you never hear people saying, "Hey, I want to go see the latest Buena Vista film." Already this year, several other divisions labeled with Buena Vista or Touchstone were changed to ABC or Disney. However, not all Touchstone divisions will be renamed for the time being -- it's the remaining Buena Vista labels that will change, probably to names incorporating Disney or ABC. And you know they're not changing Pixar, since that's a name that actually gives us all more confidence in the quality of the studio's animated films.
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