Though there aren't any plans yet for a direct-to-DVD sequel to Vacancy, this new flick The Strangers might have to go that route if it has any chance of survival. With a weaker cast and a not-so-tantalizing plot, The Strangers is supposed to hit theaters on July 13. But, as Bloody Disgusting points out, that date might be pushed back due to Vacancy's poor box office turn-out. That said, a still from the pic featuring Liv Tyler trying to escape from some chick in a mask has just hit the net. And, from the look of it, she ain't getting very far. (That can happen when, instead of running, you attempt to crawl your way to freedom.)

In the pic, Liv Tyler and Scott Speedman star as a couple who, in an attempt to spend some quiet time at their vacation home, find themselves terrorized by three masked strangers. And no, unfortunately these aren't a group of kids enjoying a game of ring-and-run. We're not exactly sure why they're after this poor couple (for all we know they could be members of a band looking to open up for Aerosmith), but I've come to realize that when the bad guys wear spooky masks, they don't need an agenda. Those masks alone are enough to tell us they mean business. Bryan Bertino makes his directorial debut (off his own script), with Rogue Pictures currently trying to come up with a way to market this thing so that people don't immediately think Vacancy rip-off. Personally, I'm always down for a gut-wrenching, "who's that stranger in the window"-type flick, and so while everyone and their mother is off watching Harry Potter and the Order of the Phoenix on July 13, I'll gladly throw my gal Liv some love.

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