When we first brought you pics from the set of Cabin Fever 2, it was kind of hard to make out what was going on. We knew some sh*t was going down at a prom, but we were unable to clearly see with our own eyes what sort of madness director Ti West was cooking up for the sequel. As you're probably already aware, the first Cabin Fever featured the directorial debut of Eli Roth. For practically no money (something like $1.5 million), Roth managed to scrape together a pretty decent horror flick; it went on to do good business at the box office, earned Roth a gig helming Hostel and the rest is history. Now, almost four years later, a second Cabin Fever is heading our way -- but this time, Roth handed over the reigns to West and newbie scribe Joshua Malkin.

Like Dread Central before, it appears Fangoria was at the same set visit, on the same day, while they were shooting the same scene. However, Fangoria has some much better images of the action taking place -- pics that include a group of prom patrons sprawled out on the floor, while a bucket full of red stuff is thrown all over them. God only knows what's going on in this scene (the folks from Fangoria aren't allowed to say), but I think it's safe to say no one is getting lucky after this dance. As far as plot goes, we're being told the flesh-eating virus from the first film returns; only this time, it decides to throw on a suit and party it up with a bunch of unsuspecting teens. Says West about the sequel: "Everything is quite gross and pushes the limits as far as they can go at times. It will be interesting to see what people think, because it's nothing like the first." Yum, looks delicious.

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