Yes, apparently Jenny McCarthy is still around (remember when she was, like, the hottest thing going on MTV's Singled Out?) And, apparently, dating Jim Carrey doesn't help much when it comes to landing the big big-screen roles -- I mean, I assume one still has to posses a tiny bit of talent. (Here's where all you rabid Jenny McCarthy supporters get to climb out from under that rock and call me names for insulting your beloved.) In case you at home are still interested in following McCarthy's fascinating on-screen career, the girl has just signed on to star opposite Larry the Cable Guy (moving up in the world, huh?) in Witless Protection, a new comedy we told you about the other day.

In the pic, which is being directed by Charles Carner from his own script, McCarthy will play girlfriend to Larry's character; a small-town sheriff who witnesses what he believes is a woman being abducted, but later finds out that her abductors are really FBI agents assigned to protect her and deliver her to some big Enron-type trial to testify. Only, these FBI guys aren't exactly playing by the rules. Yup, they're corrupt. And they're up to no good. Which means Larry the Cable Guy will have to put down the Budweiser, figure out what the hell is going on and -- you guessed it -- Git-R-Done (which, in Larry language, means "save the day"). Also starring in the film are Ivana Milicevic, Yaphet Kotto, Peter Stormare, Joe Mantegna and Eric Roberts. Production is set to begin next month in Chicago. Oh, and in case you're just itching for some more McCarthy, she can next be seen in the film Wieners (about three guys who drive cross country in a wiener-mobile), which I imagine will hit DVD shelves sometime this year.

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