The Reel Moments series has grabbed their next director, and it is none other than Miss Mary Jane herself, Kirsten Dunst. As I mentioned in February, the series, which has previously boasted talent like Robin Wright Penn and Jennifer Aniston, is run by Glamour magazine and showcases short films by women. However, Reel Moments isn't just some strange off-shoot of the magazine. According to SCI FI Wire, the shorts are based on stories submitted by Glamour readers. Now Dunst reportedly told the site that she's going to make her directorial debut for the collection.

The actress isn't just dipping her toes in, but doing a large back flip. She's quoted as saying: "They're totally giving me carte blanche. I pick my letter. I write my script. I pick everyone I want to collaborate with, it's great." So, Ms. Dunst will be writing her still-untitled short, but she's got the theme -- it will be a supernatural ghost story inspired by scary films. Of course, getting carte blanche, she also can't resist starring in it, alongside Michelle Williams. If the news conference she was involved with last week is any indication, she will aim high: "I've always [been a fan of] Roman Polanski and, you know, Repulsion with Catherine Deneuve and, like, Rosemary's Baby... We just don't make movies like that any more." That girl never ceases to make me grin and shake my head. She's going to shoot her short this summer, so we'll see if she lives up to the films she admires, or still basks in her unending confidence.
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