We have to exercise restraint for the next three and a half months until we get to the August 17 release date for the Judd Apatow-produced Superbad. It's hard not to have high hopes for a film when you actually don't want to skip past the flash screen that opens the website. (It has has an outline of Michael Cera and Jonah Hill dancing -- that can be downloaded as a screensaver!) Earlier this month, Scott Weinberg posted a link to a restricted trailer for the film, and now we've got the super-saucy 70's poster. That's not all -- there is now a trailer on the website without restricted access (which is good, because the restricted site seems to be buggy right now).

Just like The 40 Year Old Virginposter, where Steve Carell's bright smiling face revealed every ounce of his lack-of-sex stature, Superbad's poster does a good job of summing up what the film is about -- two awkward kids who are "superbad," or more accurately, co-dependent and full of separation anxiety when they get accepted to different colleges. With badass 70's fonts and a trailer that pipes out Van Halen's Panama, it's pretty obvious who this flick is meant for. While it takes place now, I had a few flashbacks just being immersed in all that brown and rocking out with David Lee Roth. The film follows the geeks as they try to score booze for a party where they plan to hook up with girls and get their loins ready for college. According to the website, Cera's Evan is "sweet, smart and generally terrified" while Hill's Seth is "foul-mouthed, volatile and all-consumed by the topic of human sexuality." Sounds good to me!