It's an annual guilty pleasure that I always seem to enjoy: The MTV Movie Awards. (They're not as classy as The Oscars, but they're a lot more fun!) For the 16th annual awards show, a few changes are in store: A) Reality TV guru Mark Burnett has come on board as executive producer, B) the show will be broadcast live for the very first time, and C) freakishly funny female Sarah Silverman will be stepping in as host ... which means someone better be ready with that "bleep" button, because this gal can get pretty raunchy once in a while. (Just another reason I love 'er.)

Best known for her brazen-yet-brainy stand-up material and her willingness to get brutally "extreme" when she feels like it, Ms. Silverman isn't exactly what you'd call a movie star. (You'll probably remember her small-yet-memorable turns in flicks like School of Rock or, um, School for Scoundrels -- but my favorite Silverman segment comes during the opening of Chris McQuarrie's underrated The Way of the Gun. Rent it.) Her most recent movie was the concert flick Jesus is Magic, which has some really funny stuff in it. Actually, Silverman pops up on television more often than she does in multiplexes, but I don't think it matters. The gal's a perfect fit for the loosey-goosey MTV Movie Awards, which will air live on June 3 from L.A.'s Gibson Amphitheatre.
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