When I hear about an upcoming film about love, I usually cringe. That is, unless the film in question comes from Linklater, Hawke and Delpy. It's easy to immediately blame the theme, but that's not really the case. Over and over we get served rom-coms that look the same, feel the same and are marketed in the exact same way. For the most part, the love business is in a total media rut, so it's great that Paris Je T'Aime is finally making its way to a limited U.S. release on May 4. Just a few steps away, we've got a trailer to feast on that's more like a gourmet dinner than a smushed and wilted cheeseburger from your local fast food media joint.

The film consists of 18 segments based on the 20 sections or arrondissements of Paris (2 were cut and still seem to be missing from the final collection), as seen through the eyes of a ton of great and varied directors from Wes Craven to Isabel Coixet. Once you top that with actors who range from Juliette Binoche to Elijah Wood, it's hard to go wrong. Just as James Rocchi described in his review, the trailer opens with the Eiffel Tower at night, with bursts of fireworks. From there, it's a mixture of different types of people, moods and visual styles that already give it more depth than the usual love fare. There's laughter, anger, dancing and just to keep things interesting, vampires and mimes. Shall we take a stab at who included blood suckers? All of the different aspects of romance seem to present themselves, without that cheek-pinching, overwhelming sugar. Perhaps this is a theme. If this is half as good as Before Sunset, then maybe we should demand more romance from Paris.