Since most of you read Cinematical while at work (and who can blame you -- we're so much cooler than those damn TPS Reports), I figured I'd direct you toward a fun little game that allows you to waste all sorts of time. I mean, ya know, that's if you're looking to entertain yourself during all those off-the-record 15-minute breaks you're not supposed to take. Check this out: UGO has come up with a way for you to design your own superhero. That's right! And when you're done, you can print that sucker out and start pitching him to random studios; God knows I'm sure someone is looking to discover the next great superhero franchise. So why can't you be a part of something special?

Yup, that's my dude over to the right of your screen. Feel free to name him and/or his special powers -- I was thinking of something along the lines of A.D.D. Man, and his unique special ability could be to rock out ... hard. The good folks at UGO give you a ton of options here; from designing your superhero's pose to coming up with a cute little companion to hang by his side -- it's all there. Be warned though, because once you start, there's no telling how long it will be before you finish. And if your boss discovers you're up to no good, don't come crying to us. After you're done, they do give you the option to either print your character or share him with other folks in some sort of message board-type area. Personally, my little dude is going right above my computer. This way, next time I'm on the phone with Warner Bros., I'll be ready ... and so will A.D.D. Man!

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