I'm here in beautiful Urbana-Champaign, Illinois (go Fighting Illini!) for Roger Ebert's Overlooked Film Festival, which will likely officially be called Ebertfest next year, seeing as how that's what everyone calls it anyhow. I'll start by getting right to the question I know a lot of you are wondering: How does Roger Ebert look? The answer is, for all he's been through in the past year or so, pretty damn good. Appearance-wise, he looks about like the pic here, which he released just before the fest (smart move, that, because everyone was prepared a bit for how he'd look after his long ordeal. He's walking in and out of the screenings on his own feet.

They have a comfy recliner set up for him in the back so he can rest comfortably while watching the films. His lovely wife Chaz is here with him, and she's taken on a lot of his duties doing intros for the films and moderating Q&As and is otherwise always by his side. He was at all three screenings today -- it takes stamina to sit through three to four movies a day when you're totally healthy; the fact that Ebert is here supporting this fest, showing up for the screenings, and talking to well-wishing fans, speaks to his strength of character and his undying passion for film.
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