Where is the modern woman? A number of times of the last few years, I've asked friends to list films that center on modern, successful working women where floofy romance is the center of the plot. While I refuse to drown in the sappy romcom or family fare, I always have to have my blind eye ready when I want to watch something that in some way either reflects my life, or inspires me to push forward. I've ignored the outfits and silliness of Sex and the City, the sexual dysfunction of Laurel Canyon and just how old 9 to 5 is.

Now, the New York Times has put out an article about Hollywood's Shortage of Female Power. I click on the link, expecting something similar to what I typed above, but that's not what I got. Perhaps it is best summed up with this: "While Hollywood has not stopped making films appealing to women and girls, as evidenced by recent and coming releases like Music and Lyrics, Nancy Drew and The Nanny Diaries, women here worry that the future will not be so bright." While I don't think I could knock the ever-tough Drew, since I grew up reading about her, that has to be one of the most reductive thoughts that I've read in a while. By now I'd think that women have come far enough to be more than a demographic itching for light romance and childcare. Yes, "female power" is lessening behind the scenes as a number of top, female studio heads like Gail Berman have left their positions. However, that's not synonymous with "female" floofyness.

But that's all that the Times discussion is based on. Another quote has producer Lindsay Doran saying: "You don't see companies saying, 'More than half of this population is women, we should design a slate to come up with movies like The Break-Up and The Devil Wears Prada.'" Maybe that's because women are more than flipping crazy ex-girlfriends or girls starving their already-thin frame to fit into the latest fashions? Could it be, perchance, that women want films that give them more credit? Give us balance, people!
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