He's gone to the dark depths of the sea and the Alien reaches of space. He's traveled through time, delighted in spies and had cold, sinking romances. Basically, there's not much that James Cameron hasn't done. I mean heck, he recently was involved with that whole Jesus tomb thing, so it's only logical that he also do something on the other end of the spectrum. Since it might be a bit over-the-top to dig into the ground and try to find Hell, Cameron zeroed in on... Marilyn Manson.

Last month, a French music site, Charts in France, reported that the controversial musician was filming a new video called When the Heart Guides the Hand for his upcoming album, Eat Me, Drink Me. The kicker was that James Cameron would be directing the piece, using 3-D special effects that could be viewed without glasses. I'm not sure how all of that works, but Bloody Disgusting found a clip from the video that has Manson and a young woman covered in blood and making out while he runs his hands up and down her body. Now I can't tell, but is this person Evan Rachel Wood, the actress rumored to have led to Manson's split from wife, Dita Von Teese? It looks like it could be, and would make sense, since the title of the album reflects his upcoming horror film -- Phantasmagoria: The Visions of Lewis Carroll, which she co-stars in, and the song's title has a sense of wandering eye. Personally, I think if Cameron really wanted to spice things up, he should have been the bloody one making out with Manson.
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