Joanna Cassidy has just reported that she finished reshooting original scenes from 1982's extraordinary sci-fi hit Blade Runner. Cassidy made this announcement on her website which Film Ick picked up to help spread the word quicker throughout the cyber community. The new director's cut Blade Runner DVD is obviously in the making and I'm not sure what to expect since they are recreating shots more than twenty years later. Cassidy is still incredibly beautiful, and her scene -- to me -- is one of the sexiest fight scenes between robot and human ever.

Cassidy happily proclaims that she was able to wear her costume that she kept all these years after shooting the original production. From what I can remember, she wasn't wearing much to begin with. Joanna Cassidy plays Zhora, a replicant (human clone) who is one of five 'skin jobs' that makes their way back to Earth and is hunted down by retired blade runner Rick Deckard -- played by the über sexy Harrison Ford. Other lovely replicants included Daryl Hannah and Sean Young; there is no word on whether the two have reshot any of their scenes for the DVD version.

An anonymous individual reported to Film Ick that there were some incredible edits to Zhora's chase scene that could change the sequence in its entirety. It is reported that there are more physical blows to her body, better lighting, new camera angles and the model/actress dons a pair of heels instead of flat boots. The Ridley Scott director's cut version DVD of Blade Runner will be released later this year.
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