Though Nicole Kidman and Marilyn Monroe have a few things in common (they're both blonde, they're both beautiful and they both act), I've never actually thought of one while speaking about the other. However, that will most likely change as 20th Century Fox has tapped Kidman to produce and potentially star in a remake of the 1953 Monroe classic How to Marry a Millionaire. I guess you can call the original a classic, as it helped launch Monroe to movie stardom; then again, I feel Kidman is a far superior actress ... so it's not like I'm going all "How dare they touch a Marilyn Monroe film!"

In the original, three beautiful women hole up in a New York penthouse suite with one goal in mind: to find three millionaires to marry. (I almost hate to say it, but if Anna Nicole was still alive, she would've been perfect for this.) Though a couple of the girls find their knight in shining armor, problems arise when they each fall in love with a guy who isn't a millionaire. So, what do you ladies do -- choose money or love? The Hollywood Reporter tells is that, while the plot for this remake is being kept under wraps, Fox does plan to overhaul the original story. Me thinks they'll probably cut it down to one female lead instead of three and -- I dunno -- maybe she'll own a website like Sacha Gervasi, who penned The Terminal for Steven Spielberg, will write the screenplay. When it comes to money or love, there are a number of different avenues to explore -- what do you think they'll do with it. And, is Kidman the right actress to play a role that originated with Marilyn Monroe?

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