While we sometimes get foreign actors and actresses who can break out of their countries and make it big in the U.S., we don't often see the kids break out. Ivana Baquero is one beloved exception. The young girl wowed us with Pan's Labyrinth, including our Kim Voynar who said: "Baquero gives a spectacular performance as Ofelia; she is both brave and terrified, and turns those emotions on a dime without missing a beat." At 14, fresh off an award-winning, massively talked-about role, she's going to dive into her first English-speaking role. I guess there's no rest for the girl with wicked roles.

The Hollywood Reporter has announced that for her first foray out of the Labyrinth, Baquero has signed on for the starring role in The New Daughter. It's a new film, a new language, but still a dark theme. Adapted by John Travis, the film comes from a short story in John Connolly's supernatural collection, Nocturnes. THR describes it as a story that covers "a single dad who has moved his two children to a remote farm where a strange mound in the surrounding fields appears to be the key to his daughter's increasingly ominous behavior." To add on from Connolly's own website, it is a burial mound that "hides something very ancient, and very much alive." So, Pet Sematary with the pets replaced by an impressive, young Spanish actress? The project doesn't have a director yet, but I can't blame them for signing Baquero, who will probably be perfect for the role.
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