When The X-Files premiered on the fledgling Fox network on September 10, 1993 (remember that far back?), it became a very successful award-winning phenomenon that lasted for eight seasons. And even though the show's popularity wained somewhat in later seasons, it was still given the big-budget Hollywood treatment in 1998 with a theatrical version called The X Files: Fight the Future. The film performed well enough at the box office and on DVD so it followed that another chapter in the cinematic exploits of FBI Agents Fox Mulder and Dana Scully would happen soon enough.

Well, that day never came -- at least so far. Although, there have always been rumors and reports during the intervening years. But now, according to former series Executive Producer Frank Spotnitz, we might not have to wait forever for the next chapter after all. Over at Wired, they've posted some juicy bits from the man about a proposed sequel. According to Spotnitz: "A sequel is in development and a script is in the works." That also jives with what I heard on NPR Wednesday during an interview with David Duchovny on Elvis Mitchell's show The Treatment.

When asked by Mitchell about the future of The X-Files, Duchovny said he would take part in another movie and that one was in the works. Although, he has said that in the past, this time, with the added info provided by Spotnitz, it might not be just wishful thinking or speculation, but actual fact. I was a huge fan of the original TV show and enjoyed the first feature film incarnation immensely, so I hope whatever has to happen to see another chapter materialize actually happens. Most everyone involved seems pretty motivated for another go-around and keeps talking about it so it shouldn't be that hard to get it together, should it? Or maybe I'm the only one really interested in more X-Files?

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