To be honest, I have yet to be truly wowed by an IMAX experience. Lately the trend seems to be to format high profile films, and I am all for that, but made-for-IMAX content has always seemed a little lacking. The one genre that still seems to work well on the "really big screen," though, is the nature documentary. The Hollywood Reporter has announced that Warner Bros. has joined with longtime partner IMAX to produce a sequel to the 2006 film Deep Sea 3D, titled Deep Sea-quel. This will be the second 3D feature for the filmmaking trio of Howard Hall, Toni Myers and IMAX co-founder Graeme Ferguson, and the film will capture the "life aquatic" of New Guinea and Southern Australia. The film is set for release in 2009, but there has been no mention of whether Johnny Depp and Kate Winslet will be returning to provide narration this time around.

IMAX and WB have worked together before on 3D productions; unfortunately one of which was NASCAR 3D: The IMAX Experience, which played more like a corporate video than a heart-stopping thrill ride -- and let me tell you, a filing cabinet 52-feet high and in 3D is still just a filing cabinet. Luckily, the ocean is a far more exciting locale than a NASCAR boardroom, so there is still hope for me yet -- I might just be wowed this time around. Here's a question for ya: In your opinion, what looks better on the IMAX screen: The latest summer blockbuster or a beautiful nature documentary? And, which do you prefer seeing?
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