Remember that Elisha Cuthbert flick that was causing all sorts of uproar because of his MPAA-rejected billboards that (somehow) got plastered all over California anyway? Well, it sure looks like Lionsgate is feeling no ill effects from the marketing gimmick ratings board's disapproval, because Captivity is still locked in for a May 18 release date. (That'd place it opposite Shrek the Third, although I highly doubt they're going for the same audience.)'s new horror site has the first look at the just-released Captivity trailer, and while it doesn't give up much in the plot department, it is overloaded with screechy sound effects and a lot of Cuthbert cleavage. Plus you just gotta love how Lionsgate managed to incorporate the "billboard controversy" in the Captivity marketing campaign.

Although the "abduct & torture" motif might feel like it comes from a rough and grungy young upstart, the flick actually comes from a pair of seasoned pros: The director is Roland Joffe, who once directed The Killing Fields, The Mission and ... The Scarlet Letter. (Yikes.) The screenwriter is Larry Cohen, old-school genre pro who also penned Cellular, Phone Booth and a wholebunchofsolidgenreflicks from the 1970s and '80s. The plot synopsis sounds a whole lot like the original Saw, only this one's a whole lot different: One of the abductees is a female. (And what a female she is!)