One of the neat things about this particular festival is that Roger Ebert tends to select from a wide array of films in setting the schedule, touching on everything from silent films to classics to newer indie films that didn't get as much attention as they should have. Friday's adventures at Ebertfest kicked off with a real treat: a screening of 1923 silent film Sadie Thompson, starring Gloria Swanson. The film, adapted by director Raoul Walsh from the W. Somerset Maugham story, was restored by the George Eastman House in Rochester, NY. The last bit of it, I think must have been permanently lost or destroyed, because the last couple minutes were stills rather than moving picture. The film was accompanied by a live orchestra -- if you've never had the chance to watch a silent film accompanied by orchestra, and they do that at a fest near you, check it out. The audience was so responsive to the film; it was nice to see this 2007 audience really getting into a film made in 1923, and laughing loudly throughout.
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