Over the past week, I have been slipping into a number of documentary screenings for Toronto's Hot Docs Festival. Usually things are hit and miss. As much as you can gauge a film by the wording used to describe it in those helpful little reference guides, you never truly know what you're getting into until you sit your bum down and experience it for yourself. But not so for Hot Docs 2007. I've seen a number of films, loved some, liked most and hated none. That's a pretty rare thing, and hopefully this is an indication of a growing, rich documentary scene. Although the fest isn't over, the award ceremony was held today and I just received the press release. Without further ado, here's the big winners for the 2007 Hot Docs Canadian International Documentary Festival*:

Best Canadian Feature Documentary -- The Bodybuilder and I, Bryan Friedman (Canada)

Special Jury Prize -- Driven by Dreams, Serge Giguère(Canada)
Other finalists: The Suicide Tourist (John Zaritsky) & Super Amigos (Arturo Perez Torres)

Best International Feature Documentary -- Losers and Winners, Ulrike Franke and Michael Loeken (Germany)

Special Jury Prize -- Without the King, Michael Skolnik (USA)
Other finalists: Hear and Now (Irene Taylor Brodsky) &
The Devil Came on Horseback
(Annie Sundberg, Ricki Stern)

Best Mid-Length Documentary Award -- Forgiveness: Stories for Our Time, Johanna Lunn (Canada)
Other finalists: No Man is an Island (Sonja Linden) &
Mothers-4 Pieces (Johanna Straub, Sandra Kulbach,
Michaela Schaeuble, Nan Mellinger)
Best Short Documentary Award -- Man Up, Arturo Cabanas (USA)
Other finalists: Talk to Me (Mark Craig) & Shit and Chicks (Kees van der Geest)

Don Haig Award
-- Hubert Davis

Lindalee Tracey Award
-- Trevor Anderson

Outstanding Achievement Award -- Heddy Honigmann

*The audience and CIDA awards will be announced on Monday, after the festival wraps.
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