Not since the days of Billy the Kid Meets Dracula and Jesse James Meets Frankenstein's Daughter has there been a promise of a Western / Horror amalgam as outrageous as Uwe Boll'sBloodRayne 2. (It really is amazing how quickly Boll churns these things out. Far as I can tell, he's got Dungeon Siege, Postal, Seed and BloodRayne 2 finished or nearly finished. God helps us all.) But this one seems to have it all: Vampire vs. cowboys, horror mixed with action (inevitably mixed with a lot of comedy), Michael Pare as Pat Garrett, Zack Ward as a vampiric Billy the Kid (pictured), and even a brand-new Rayne! Natassia Malthe replaces Kristanna Loken as the titular terror tracker.

Someone over at Boll's production company recently sent a plot synopsis over to the gorehounds at, and I can tell it comes from one of Boll's people because the text is sprinkled with sloppy grammar and spelling errors. (Could Boll be so prolific as to pen his own plot synopses? Based on the mild mangling of the English language, I believe it.) I'll paste the whole synopsis in after the jump (because it's pretty hilarious), but the short version is this: BloodRayne and Garrett do battle with the vampire Billy the Kid and his blood-sucking cronies. What, you expected Oscar Wilde?

No word yet on when BloodRayne 2 will be available for our ceaseless amusement, but I can't freaking wait for Boll to unleash his newest flicks already. I'm long past the point where I don't like the guy anymore, and I look forward to his flicks like an unkind pet owner looks forward to feeding his puppy beer and then watching the animal stumble into walls and trip over things. Few things in the world are as reliable as a Uwe Boll movie. Reliably, wonderfully bad, that is. Until BR2 hits your Walmart's bargain bin, check out this teaser trailer.