If, like me, you grew up with two distinct obsessions -- movies and video games -- then you're certainly familiar with Don Bluth's classic 1983 arcade game Dragon's Lair. Produced by Bluth and his team after they left Disney to make The Secret of NIMH, but well before they collaborated with Steven Spielberg on stuff like An American Tail and The Land Before Time, Dragon's Lair was a pretty unique type of arcade game -- in that it was a cartoon. Basically you got to control Dirk the Daring as he quested through a very colorful dungeon filled with traps, creatures, spirits and (of course) a really big dragon, all in an effort to rescue the powerfully curvaceous Princess Daphne from a creepy dragon. The game, which demanded 50 cents to most games' 25, was a big hit, spawning a sci-fi "cartoon game" called Space Ace in 1984 and a sequel called Dragon's Lair 2: Timewarp in 1991.

So I told you all that so I could tell you this: Mr. Bluth is still hoping to turn the original Dragon's Lair into a feature-length movie. In an interview on the recently-released Blu-Ray Dragon's Lair DVD, the producers mention that not only do they have a completed script, but also that they've taken a few meetings in recent months. (Seems like a fine idea to me. Those who know and remember the video game will undoubtedly want to see the flick, while those who don't might want to simply enjoy an animated adventure movie.) To make the news even more compelling, producer Gary Goldman insists that the Dragon's Lair movie would be done via traditional animation and not CGI. Also, it'd be a prequel that details Dirk's adventures prior to delving into the legendary "lair." Sounds good to me!
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