The fan website has gotten their hands on a new publicity still from Wong Kar Wai's upcoming film My Blueberry Nights, which is going to kick off the Cannes film festival. The pic has Natalie Portman looking very much like she's going to a Halloween party as Sharon Stone and reclining on the hood of a sports car. Aside from what you can discern from this pic, almost nothing is widely known about Portman's part in the movie -- even on, which should be on top of things like this, Portman's role is represented by a big question mark. As for the film itself, it was co-written by Wai and Lawrence Block, stars singer Norah Jones as a woman on a spiritual cross-country journey, and is based on an earlier short film in which the main character works in several restaurants and has a bunch of different experiences.

As the first English-language effort from the celebrated director, the film has attracted a lot of major interest from the Hollywood community and seems to have what could almost be considered an overkill of acting talent: Tim Roth, Rachel Weisz, Jude Law, David Straithairn and Ed Harris are some of the many notables that will be making appearances, though given the presumably episodic nature, I wouldn't expect more than a colorful cameo from most of those people. As for Portman, she has a number of other projects lined up for 2007 including Wes Anderson's much-anticipated The Darjeeling Limited and The Other Boleyn Girl, opposite Scarlett Johansson.