I feel restless, as I sit here and write this. I just finished reading the 2007 tour dates for the third annual Rolling Roadshow Tour, and I wish I could ride along in the big Alamo Drafthouse projection truck as it circles the country this summer, showing classic and cult movies in strange, cool and appropriate locales. If you've heard me or Scott Weinberg raving at length about the Alamo theaters in Austin and feel slightly envious, well, now the Alamo experience may be coming to your part of the country -- at least the outdoor-movie aspect. You might remember the tour last year as the Netflix Rolling Roadshow, but this year Alamo seems to have acquired a number of different sponsors for the event.

The idea behind the Rolling Roadshow Tour is to show movies in locations related to the film's story, or similar to the locations where the movie was shot. The above photo is from a 2005 screening of Close Encounters of the Third Kind at Devil's Tower in Wyoming. This year's lineup includes North by Northwest at Mount Rushmore and A Christmas Story at the newly restored Christmas Story House in Cleveland. There are also a lot of other special touches and related events surrounding the screenings: you must take a canoe trip to get to the Deliverance screening on the Georgia river where it was shot, and the John Waters marathon in Baltimore includes free Odorama cards for Polyester as well as barf bags. Special guests often appear at the screenings; apparently the Alamo folks are working to get the Coreys at the Lost Boys screening in Santa Cruz. The tour kicks off on July 18 with Fandango, as the Rolling Roadshow folks drive from Austin to San Elizario, Texas (near El Paso) just like the characters in the movie, and ends on August 15. The entire schedule is listed after the jump -- check to see if the inflatable screen will be set up in your neighborhood.
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