So it just might be possible that the big-screen version of the Microsoft video game Gears of War is a step closer to production. Latino Review is posting what they claim to be the first pages of the film treatment for New Line, and we know they have some good New Line contacts. It's a pretty detailed treatment with plenty of information about characters and plot points, so, if you like to be surprised, beware of the plenty of spoilers that lie ahead -- tread carefully. It was only a little over a month ago that we had word that New Line had picked up the best-selling video game but, given Microsoft's history with big-budget video game adaptations, I think most fans were probably pretty skeptical. If this treatment is the real thing, it would seem that this time around, New Line isn't going to waste any time.

According to Latino Review, the treatment is the work of Stuart Beattie, who is also set to write the script. This won't be the first video game project for Beattie, who also wrote the script for Spy Hunter with Dwayne Johnson set for release in 2009. Beattie also has a screenplay credit for the upcoming Russell Crowe and Christian Bale western 3:10 To Yuma, The Punisher 2, and Baz Luhrmann's Australia -- so it doesn't look like he has had a lot of free time in his schedule lately. Since the Gears of War project is still in the realm of speculation at this point , and I think we've learned by now that when it comes to less than rock-solid sources, it is always best to wait and see.
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