An interesting little list has popped up on Glamour Magazine's website -- the 16 "Sexiest Love Scenes of All Time." Sure, lists are subjective and sometimes you forget about a moment here or there that should be within the upper ranks. This is why I usually refrain from using words like "best" in my lists. However, even if some choices are off, a list of the "sexiest" films should just ooze sexuality and allure. Glamour claims that their list consists of the scenes that leave them hot and bothered, but let's see what you think.

The list consists of: The Way We Were, The Blue Lagoon, An Officer and a Gentleman, Risky Business, Dirty Dancing, Say Anything..., Ghost, Love Jones, Titanic, How Stella Got Her Groove Back, Shakespeare in Love, A Walk on the Moon, Cruel Intentions, The 40 Year Old Virgin, Mr. & Mrs. Smith and The Departed. Sure, some of these are sexy and some are sweet, but I'm not so sure on the whole hot and bothered theme. There's no Two Moon Junction, Mulholland Drive, Basic Instinct, Wild Things, 9 1/2 Weeks... I could go on and on, and event list a bunch not so obvious for at least another 16, but I'll stop now for space.

I used to watch Dirty Dancing just to see the partial arse-shot of Patrick Swayze, but I wouldn't consider it one of the steamiest scenes. Nor would I consider Cruel Intentions, which is much steamier in conversation than it is in deed. So, is the magazine recognizing scenes that really should get more recognition for their sexiness, or are they working with a broken sexy gauge? Some are definitely the sweatiest, but I don't know about sexiest...

[via The Movie Blog]
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