Well, Ebertfest is a wrap. It's been an exciting few days here in Urbana-Champaign. Saturday's films were an interesting lineup. Paul Cox's Man of Flowers (which has Werner Herzog in it) screened first and was introduced by Herzog. Then in the evening, Herzog's tragicomical Stroszek screened, with Cox doing the intro. This was an interesting pairing of films; Man of Flowers is about Charles Bremer, a wealthy art collector whose sexuality is so repressed he is unable to have a normal relationship. He pays a young art model to come to his home once a week to strip for him while he listens to opera. Over time, Bremer becomes more intertwined in the girl's relationship with her abusive boyfriend. The film is a haunting exploration of loneliness, and Herzog, playing Bremer's father in flashback scenes when Bremer is talking to his shrink, revels in playing a dark, oppressive father figure.
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