Last November, I alerted you to some news about Asger Leth's freshman documentary, the Ghosts of Cité Soleil -- a film that has been traveling around film festivals from Telluride to Toronto. At the time, the documentary was planned to be released some time between January and May of this year. While it's going a little beyond schedule, we finally have a limited release date in the U.S. of June 27th. To top that off, beyond the excellent, detailed website that houses everything from words and letters to a myriad of clips, a trailer has finally popped up.

The doc follows the lives of two Chiméres (loosely translated as "ghosts") leaders and brothers, Bily and 2pac, during the tumultuous end of then-President Jean-Bertrand Aristide's reign in Haiti. They not only led the gang, but also worked as Aristide's secret army. The new trailer gives a good overview of the volatility of the situation, from news clips and battles to interviews with the brothers, but it doesn't touch much upon the strong narrative. A lot of the drama centers on 2pac, who is not only embroiled in a love affair with Lele, a French relief worker, but also dreams of being a rapper, recording anti-Aristide songs during the day before guarding the President's house at night. Being in the exact right place at the right time, Leth and his co-director Milos Loncarevic recorded Bily and 2pac's lives as they spun out of control -- both within the political climate and in their personal relationship. The trailer is a bit tiny, but it's definitely worth the eye-time.

[via Twitch]