Over the weekend, I alerted you to the awards given out during a ceremony last Friday for this year's Hot Docs Canadian International Documentary Festival. After wrapping up screenings of the final films on Sunday night, they've now finished counting the ballets and have released the audience award winner. The lucky documentary is War/Dance -- directed by Andrea Nix Fine, it details three orphans from a displacement camp in Northern Uganda. Unfortunately, it wasn't one of the films I have seen. Heck, none of the ones I that I will be reviewing were on the list. But that's okay, because it means that you documentary fans out there will have lots to look for.

The rest of the Top 10 picks to keep an eye out for are as follows:

2. WE ARE TOGETHER (D: Paul Taylor; UK; 86 min)
3. GARBAGE WARRIOR (D: Oliver Hodge; UK; 87 min)
4. THE SUICIDE TOURIST (D: John Zaritsky; Canada; 90 min)
5. FORBIDDEN LIE$ (D: Anna Broinowski; Australia; 107 min)
6. NANKING (D: Bill Guttentag, Dan Sturman; USA; 89 min)
7. CITY IDOL (D: Arturo Perez Torres; Canada; 90 min)
8. HEAR AND NOW (D: Irene Taylor Brodsky; USA; 84 min)
9. CHICHESTER'S CHOICE (D: Simonee Chichester; Canada; 64 min)
10. FOREVER (D: Heddy Honigmann; Netherlands; 95 min)
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