If you walked out of Wedding Crashers madly in love with Isla Fisher and wondering if and when she might get her very own starring vehicle, your prayers have been answered. (I actually fell for the gal several years ago after seeing her in a goofy Australian comedy called The Wannabes.) Looks like Universal will be bankrolling Fisher's The Cookie Queen, which she'll be producing from a screenplay by newcomers Ed Gonzalez and Jeremy Hast.

According to The Hollywood Reporter, the comedy's about a grown woman who gets all jealous and vindictive when a pushy fifth-grader threatens to demolish her 20-year-old cookie-selling record. Sounds like your typical "high concept" farce, but it'll be pretty cool to see Ms. Fisher sink her teeth into a starring role -- not only because she's amazingly cute (let's just say Sacha Baron Cohen is one lucky man), but also because she's really quite funny. And when you take "sexy" and "funny" and wedge 'em into one woman, well, let's just say I hope The Cookie Queen doesn't crumble. No word yet on who'll be directing. Hopefully someone with talent.

Fans of Isla will have plenty to keep them busy in the meantime. She's presently onscreen in The Lookout, plus she has no less than five new movies on the horizon: She'll pop up in comedies Wedding Daze and Hot Rod, plus she's also doing Definitely, Maybe with Elizabeth Banks and Rachel Weisz (wow!), contributing a voice to Horton Hears a Who, and has signed on for a Paramount comedy called Groupies opposite Amy Poehler. Now if only we could get her into a movie with Sarah Silverman or Jenna Fischer....
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