The Maverick Red label is set to produce Digger, a horror film about grave digging. Not to be confused with Diggers, which came out this past Friday, the film will center on a man named Joshua Bauer who is forced to dig graves by hand as a young man and decides to seek revenge on whoever made him do that by going on a killing spree. Interestingly, the Hollywood Reporter notes that the producers "hope to launch Bauer as a new horror icon." Joshua Bauer is going to give Freddy Krueger and Jason Vorhees a run for their money? Okay, let's see what you've got, Joshua. Gregory Segal and John A. Gallagher will serve as producers on the project, with Gallagher directing. The screenplay is being penned by Stephen Lancellotti, who has no prior credits that I can see.

As for Gallagher, his prior credits include the 1997 independent feature The Deli, which starred Gretchen Mol and the more recent Blue Moon, a dramedy starring Ben Gazzara and Rita Moreno. The HR article also notes some other projects that Maverick currently has in development, including The Stepfather, which I assume is a remake of The Stepfather with Terry O'Quinn and a remake of The Phone, an Asian horror movie as well as a film called Labyrinth, about a serial killer. No word on whether boss lady Madonna is interested in taking on an acting role in any of these projects, or if she's happy with having her film appearances continue to be unintentionally horrifying. Actually, I'm just taking a cheap shot there -- I thought Madonna was pretty good in Dick Tracy, Who's That Girl? and a couple of other films.

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