Before Clive Owen made an international name for himself with roles like Larry in Closer and Theo in Children of Men, he starred as DCI Ross Tanner in the BBC miniseries, Second Sight. The premise -- a police detective is investigating the murder of a young man. The suspects include the classic suspicious themes -- a possible drug supplier, a possible lover, a controlling mother, a rough father and an identical twin. Unfortunately, instead of suffering from something useful like television's Raines, he's losing his sight.

Almost ten years after the miniseries got off the ground, Universal is planning a feature film adaptation. The deal, which is not yet finalized, plans to have Susan Montford and Don Murphy of Angry Films produce with the original series creator, Paula Milne, executive producing. Considering the fact that Montford and Murphy are producing Owen's upcoming Shoot 'Em Up, I'd say that there's a good chance that the actor will reprise his role. He might have Sin City 2 and The International gearing up for production, but I'm sure that he can slip it in somewhere, especially since it seems that there isn't even a script yet. If he does decide to go back, he could help make role reprisal the new trend -- just the other day Christopher Campbell posted that Frank Langella may reprise his role as Richard Nixon, which he first tackled on-stage. I'm up for seeing anything by Owen, so hopefully he'll feel a bit nostalgic.
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