Are you a big James Bond fan? Do you have a few thousand dollars to spend on a trip across the pond? Then have I got a party for you! On the oh-so-perfect date of July 7th -- that's right 07/07/007 -- a huge James Bond themed charity ball will take place at the Winter Gardens near Bristol in England. In addition to heated debates with other 007 freaks about which Bond girl was the hottest (Barbara Bach, baby!), what's in store if you pony up for a ticket? The ball will have Casino Royale tables for gambling. There will be aerial performers, fire eaters, living statues, Aston Martins, and KGB agents. There will be live music from bands with names such as -- hoo boy -- "From Russia With Loveshack" (Do the B-52's know about this?).

Tickets for the event are 25...uh...pounds? I've never been to England, sorry. It's the symbol that looks like the squiggly "E." Yes, pounds. In addition, there will be a charity auction, which includes "an Ultimate Edition DVD Box Set signed by Sir Roger Moore, Maud Adams, Shirley Eaton, and more." Profits will benefit charities for prostate cancer, breast cancer, CLIC - Sargent, and Bristol Children's Hospital. Please head over to commanderbond for more info and to view the hilarious flyer -- which announces in huge letters the "Red Carpet Arrival" of Jaws, Oddjob, and Sean Connery! And then in the tiniest print imaginable lets you know that they will in fact be look-alikes! Maybe if they serve enough shaken martinis, nobody will know the difference.
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